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Impress Prospective Students with a Cutting-Edge Communication To

College and university athletic departments have long been in an “arms race” to attract top-ranked recruits. From stunning stadiums that rival professional arenas, to high-tech locker rooms outfitted with digital displays and stacked work-out facilities, many athletic departments spare no expense in the hopes of signing coveted football, basketball, and... Read

Sample World and Clarus Custom Samples

Behind the scenes at Clarus HQ There are bound to be unsung heroes within Clarus from time to time – it’s just part of being the largest glassboard manufacturer in the world. Though "Sample World" may be viewed by some as a small department at Clarus, their work has an enormous... Read

The Clarus Christmas Gift Guide

The 3 Clarus gifts anyone will enjoy all year ‘round. The Clarus Notepad The perfect gift for the perfect price. The Clarus Notepad serves as the list-maker’s dream gift – perfect for the kitchen counter grocery list, the erasable to-do list, or the desk top reminders. The Notepad comes in either the traditional... Read

Reaching Out to Generation Z: Learning How They Learn

You can read about it in Forbes, and you can read about it on The Huffington Post. You can read about it on many of the top blogs covering higher education. You can even read about in in a study conducted by Barnes & Noble to help marketing execs understand their newest customers. Generation Z —... Read

How to Design Your Office for the Next 50 Years

Longevity at its finest. Designing for the ever-changing needs of each new generation can be overwhelming, but the office environment has an undeniable impact on employees’ productivity. As a result, building out space to foster new ideas and boost morale should be at the top of employers’ priority list. How do... Read

Collaborative Spaces Promote 21st Century Business Skills

Colleges and universities that offer collaborative classrooms are ahead of the curve.  Some institutions are designing these spaces as core components of their new buildings, while others are remodeling existing classrooms to make them better suited for the next generation of students. Either way – collaboration is the new business model. So,... Read

Why Choose Colors By Clarus?

White is the most popular color in the world of office design. With its crisp, classic look, white is still widely accepted as the neutral and normal workplace color. But what is white, really? Simply a lack of any color at all. Research studies reveal that cladding your offices in white... Read

Promoting Collaboration Through Creative Space Design

Open floor plans are the hottest trend in office and academic building design right now. This architectural style is designed to encourage innovation and teamwork by breaking down traditional barriers and bringing people face-to-face. The University of Chicago’s Mansueto Library with its soaring glass dome is a perfect example of a modern... Read

5 Challenges in Modern Offices and Glide’s Simple Solutions

As the workplace becomes a hub for teamwork and personal interaction, the walls have started coming down to create spaces that are complementary and useful to the team as a whole. That means comfortable, spacious layouts and collaborative hubs in convenient spaces. But space in the modern office comes at a... Read

6 Colors and What They Bring to the Office

Color is bold; it affects everything it touches. It ignites emotions, changes moods, and communicates value – all on a subconscious level. Research shows that color also impacts employees’ productivity and satisfaction within the workplace. Interior designers and other space planning experts spend years learning to harness the power of... Read