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Impress Prospective Students with a Cutting-Edge Communication Tool

College and university athletic departments have long been in an “arms race” to attract top-ranked recruits. From stunning stadiums that rival professional arenas, to high-tech locker rooms outfitted with digital displays and stacked work-out facilities, many athletic departments spare no expense in the hopes of signing coveted football, basketball, and other star student-athletes to their rosters.

But how do colleges attract the other majority? The students that aren’t athletes? More and more institutions are making their campuses more desirable by building brand new facilities and installing next-generation upgrades. While athletic departments typically benefit from charitable alumni boosters who write large checks to support their favorite teams, most other departments usually have limited funds to provide these enhancements. Clarus meets this need simply with superior design that withstands the test of time.

Traditional chalkboards and whiteboards look outdated in today’s lecture halls and campus spaces. University administrators are replacing these antiques with smooth glass writing surfaces that are the very definition of modern. The aesthetic beauty of glass can help draw students to campus, appealing to those who might otherwise choose online study. While glassboards require a larger upfront cost, they perform better than whiteboards over time to deliver a lower total cost of ownership since they last decades longer than whiteboards.


Whiteboards are like the disposable razors of writing surfaces—cheap to buy, but they don’t last very long. When a gentleman gets a proper shave at a barbershop, the groomer uses a premium straight edge razor that can cost hundreds of dollars. It delivers a closer, more precise shave, and the blade lasts indefinitely – with sharpening as its only upkeep.

A glassboard is like the straight edge razor. It can withstand 6500 lbs. of stress and never stains, so it doesn’t need replacing due to blemishes. In fact, 70% of whiteboards are replaced every 4-6 years because of discoloration. Glassboards aren’t porous, so the surface wipes completely clean every time, no matter the marker. The most durable in the industry, Clarus’ glassboards have never needed replacing due to random breakage. Like the straight edge razor, a Clarus glassboard is the smarter, long-term investment.

Glassboards offer unmatched aesthetic beauty, making campus spaces more attractive to prospective students. While the initial cost is higher than that of whiteboards, glassboards deliver a lower total cost of ownership when it comes to maintenance, installation, take-down and transport, shipping and lead time, and replacement expense.

The specs speak for themselves – side by side the competition, Clarus glassboards set the standard for durability, aesthetic beauty, and sustainability. Modernize with glassboards and entice top talent without busting budgets. Learn more about glassboards in education here.